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Assassin’s Creed hoods for my son’s girlfriend’s sons.  Step-grandsons?  I’ll take it.  They said they were a little on the big side and kind of warm for summer, but fall will be here soon.  Got to love those smiles.  I had a lot of fun making these.  I got the full tutorial from 

Tally’s Treasury

She has a wonderful blog and lots of projects with tutorials for lots of them.

Right now I am working on a throw blanket to donate to a silent auction for the Youth Scholarship fund at the bowling alley.  I hope this one sells for more than last years.  That was just $10.  harumph!  Cost more to buy the materials.

I made one of the ruffled skirts for a friend’s daughter at the bowling all and I just have to have her try it on and I can make sure the waist is the right size, then I can probably sew up the waist band in a few minutes.  I will see her at the bowling alley next week.  I asked her brother what he would like me to make him.  He said a panda.  OK, that is what I am making now also.  I have a ton of ruffled yarn, but I am tired of the ruffle scarves, so I want to find something else to make.  I have some buttons and other accessories so we will see what I come up with.  Might sell those at the auction time.

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Handmade khakis for my husband.  

I dusted off my sewing machine to make some clothing.  Wanted to make height-challenged husband some custom made pants.  They are still a little baggy for his height.  But they haven’t been washed yet.  I might try a lighter weight material next time.  I still got the knack.

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July 19 to July 29th.  First Mindy and Mike’s house.  Slept on the couch.  Had to pile blankets under me to prevent the bars in the couch from hitting my hips.  But it was fairly comfortable.  Luke woke up early.  Then Natalie.  Then Dad, then Mom.  I tried to help as much as I could.  I was so thankful for my knee surgery and I was able to get around a little better.  Still can’t do those stairs to the basement very well.  I got to go to Mindy’s audiologist appointment.  I love to learn more about her cochlear implant.  At lunch we tested the Zoom program for focused conversations.  It worked pretty good.  The next few days we cleaned the house, organized Natalie’s clothes, took toys and clothes to Goodwill, went to Jumpin’ Jax, and just had a good time.

On Friday morning early I headed to Kari, Mark, Garry, and Cindy’s home to spend a couple of days with her.  I got there about 9 a.m.  Kari whipped up some waffles.  Kari and I worked, gave blood, ate tacos for lunch, and interacted with the kids when we could.  I ordered a pizza for the family while Kari went to small group.  Then the kids and I watched TV until time for bed.  The kids loved playing with my phone, laptop, and kindle.  Charly read a few pages of a book at bedtime from the Kindle.  She did pretty darn good.  The next day was a Ministry Fair at the local park.  I found a seat next to a wonderful lady, Mary, and we talked and watched everyone have a good time.  In the evening, Kari whipped up homemade enchiladas which were delicious.  The evening ended with Kari and I watching the Notebook.

The next morning I had leftover waffles.  We all got dressed and I packed my bags to head to Kalamazoo to visit with Brett, and his girlfriend Cheri and her two boys.  They had a jammed packed day planned to keep the boys busy.  First, breakfast (oops, I already ate, but yes, I will eat again.  No problem).  Then hiking, swimming, eating pizza, bowling, movies.  Grandma was a tired grandma, but I had so much fun getting to know Cheri and her boys.  And it was wonderful to see Brett this time.  Most of the time we can’t make our schedules work.  The next day was a work day for Brett and I, but we were able to keep the boys entertained most of the time.  They made a movie for us to watch.  They played games.  Brett made a delicious fish, lentil, and broccoli meal.  

Too soon, it was time for me to fly home - I left at about 5 a.m. I think.

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35 years ago one of the cutest babies I have ever seen was born.  I remember it very well.  She was so different than her brother and sister.  They were blonde and she was brunette.  She was easy going and happy.  I still can’t believe she has grown into this beautiful awesome woman.

Happy Birthday, karikeepsrunning.


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Local “upscale” cafe sold me a brie/turkey/apricot sandwich for $8.50.

My sandwich?

Scala Bread - Walmart - $0.50
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Honey Smoked Turkey - $1.00
Sargento Thin Baby Swiss Cheese 3 slices - $0.64
two teaspoons of Orange Marmalade jam - 20 cents
a dap or two of butter - 20 cents

At the most my sandwich costs $2.34 (I think).  I didn’t factor in labor or building cost to keep my restaurant going, but still I think she is way over priced.  Plus mine tastes better.

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Sweet!  Hubby turned off the BabyMetal and turned on Gary Moore, so I got on the bike.  He did 51 minutes on treadmill; I did 25 on the bike (4 miles).

Good Job Ruthenbergs

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Talked to pharmacist about two things:

1.  Is Atarax causing restlessness in the evenings?  Yes, probably I have developed an intolerance to it like I did with Benadryl.  Well darn, now what do I take for allergies?  I think I have tried every other allergy med.  Maybe I will just stay in the house the rest of my life.  lol

2.  Moon plants caused headache and body aches yesterday?  Possibly your skin absorbed some of the atropine from the plant and yes that would give you a wicked headache.  Oh great.  I hate my body’s hypersensitivity to things.  Luckily I am feeling quite a bit better today.