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I take all my meds at night so that they work better while I’m awake. It’s something a doc told me once and now it’s just routine.

I may try that also.  I did that for a couple of days and didn’t notice a difference.  I think a couple of meds are conflicting with each other.

It may take you a little while to “normalize” after the travel as well

You are right there.  I had such a great time.  I am trying to blog about it today.  

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Medication review

Lately I have been so extremely tired during the day yet can’t sleep at night still.  I didn’t do too awfully bad on my trip to Michigan, but as soon as I got back to Oklahoma I was exhausted again.  But there is a restlessness to the exhaustion.  Anyway, I am going to try to see if some of my medications are causing the problem.  I take 5 in the a.m.  Today, I just took the thyroid.  I am pretty sure that is not the med that would cause the problem.  I have aciphex. Cymbalta, Atarax (for allergies), and blood pressure pill.  I suspect the Atarax and/or the Cymbalta are causing the problems.  But it could be the blood pressure pill also.

I will see how today goes.  I already don’t feel as fatigued, but that could be just a freak boost in my energy.  I think I might give it a couple of days and then start adding the other meds back in and see what happens.

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My latest project:  karikeepsrunning; happyhealthycook.  I don’t have boot like you guys do, but here is the first pair of boot cuffs.  They might be kind of tight if you have calf-high boots.  I think I will take these with me to Michigan and see how they fit on Kari before I send a pair to happyhealthycook (or anyone else who wants some).  I might need calf measurements.  

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Tomorrow I leave for a 10 day visit to Michigan to see my three lovely children and they kids and partners.  So looking forward to the trip.